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Be prepared for unexpected bouts of Tennant!Sex discussion!

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Tennant!Love Basics
Tennant!Love was created in October 2005 to bring fans of the newest Doctor Who together. The community's purpose is to share love for the actor, but also to enjoy the many works he has participated in. New fans are of course always welcome!

Why David Tennant?
It's not exactly a tangible thing, that which makes him who he is. It's a combination - the body and the mind and the face and the voice and the laughter and the personality and the joy and just his absolute magnetism.
- Chicklet73

Important Rules
1) Respect your fellow fan. Do not start fandom wars over pairings or dislike of another show.
2) Real Person Fiction of any sort is not allowed.
3) Adult content is allowed but must be placed behind a cut with appropriate warnings.
4) Spoilers and large images go behind LJ-Cuts. A spoiler is anything that gives plot details away of shows or movies that have not been aired.
5) If you believe it should be a locked entry, play it safe! Lock it to the community.

The Team
Founder & Moderator » H.H.
Co-Moderators » Chicklet73, Doona Rose, Speshulduck

Affiliates & Links
LJ!Love: Smith!Love, Billie!Love, Life On Martha, Freema!Love, Tennant Report, Simm!Love
LJ: Brendan's Blog, DTSS, Tennant Stills, 10thdoctor, The Tenth, Time And Chips, Simply Who, Doctor Eleven
Other: David Tennant Fan, David Tennant.com

Image Credits @ David Tennant Fan, coding by H.H..

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