murtal123 (murtal123) wrote in tennant_love,

I've had an idea!

Ok I have this idea because of a few romours flying around, and yes my imagination has been working in overdrive since the DT thing.
Ten dies and starts the regeneration but instead of turning into Eleven (who ever that shall be) He starts to remember the time war, and bingo we have Eight back for the beginning. Then turning into Nine for the Time war itself. This would give CE chance to come back and SM the chance to do the epic time war which we all know he would love to do!
So all the time war done we go back to Ten regenerating (this would give DT and year and a half off). He manages to heal himself and Ten is back!!! Ok, ok I know the last bit wouldn't happen but I can wish can't I!
Like I said my imagination has been going mad for a way he can come back, but if all else fails we still have 10.5, David PLEASE!!!!!
Tags: tv series: doctor who
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