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Lovely DT interview

Hello to those of you still here! I just came across this lovely interview with DT -- it includes video and additional information in the write-up -- and I thought I would share it with you:

My favorite quote has to be: People keep asking him what research he did to play Kilgrave. “It’s a quite alarming question, as he’s a sort of psychopathic, murdering lunatic. I wouldn’t know where to look for researching people who have superpowers who have dark histories with ex-superheroes. So it wasn’t months of research, no."

Time Chapter 7

Author: AnnieO
Character/Pairing: 10/Rose
Rating: R
Summary:The choices made throughout life can have ever lasting consequences, some greatre than others. To save the universe The Doctor is forced into a choice that could destroy everything he holds dear to him. To save one...he may loose the other.
Disclaimer: I saddly do not own Doctor Who. BBC does.
Author's Notes: Sorry t's been so long sinceI posted chapter 6. I think I am back on track and it all goes well only 3 more chapters to the end

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DW 10 Brilliant
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Ongoing Book Sale

Yep, I still have a number of Who books for sale. I have updated my list to make sure everything is listed and the sold books have been deleted.

Target Novelizations
Virgin New Adventures
Virgin Missing Adventures
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
BBC Past Doctor Adventures
BBC New Series Adventures
Torchwood (a few left)
Miscellaneous paperbacks (includes short trips & decalogs)
Misc. Non-Fiction
Big Finish audios

Some books have prices but I am willing to negotiate. If a book is not priced, I can check the going rates.

Please PM me with your email if you are interested.
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Doctor Who Book Sale

Still have a large number of books for sale.

Target novelizations
Virgin New Adventures (7th Doctor)
Virgin Missing Adventures (earlier Doctors)
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
BBC Past Doctor Adventures
BBC New Series
plus miscellaneous paperbacks and non-fiction

Also some early Big Finish audios

Either PM me with your email or leave it in the comments. I'm going to be moving and I would love the books to go somewhere they'd be appreciated. The prices are negotiable.

I really don't want to do eBay so please save me the aggro.